Tips and Techniques

Avid Educational Video Tutorials — some very good video tutorials on using the Avid, including the ever-puzzling Marquee tool. There is also a very good, basic, tutorial on HD.

Avid Training Blog — web videos and articles, interviews and short tutorials. The video doesn’t go into much depth, but some of the articles are pretty damned interesting.

Avid Technologies Tips Pag

Genius DV – Some really great tutorials on using Avid and FCP.

Grant’s Avid Tips Blog

How To Up-Rez A Sequence — Daniela Capistrano, a self-taught assistant editor, gives a great tutorial on how to uprez a sequence in Avid.

MetaCheater – This little program takes the metadata that lives inside the Quicktime files and creates Avid ALE files from them so you can use RED assets on a Mac Avid. As its creator Jabez Olssen described it to me: “the utility is not specifically for working with Red footage, that was just a happy bi-product. Its first use was for dealing with VFX from vendors, which can often be delivered as quicktimes with timecode embedded. When it comes time to perform a DI, matching DPX files with identical timecode are delivered to the DI facility. Now whilst most DI equipment can read the timecode from the DPXs and conform the files based on an EDL, because the Avid can not import the timecode from the corresponding quicktimes, the EDLs are not of use. That’s what MetaCheater was first designed to fix.”

RED Workflow — A page from the Camera site, that talks about both Avid and FCP workflow for the files generated by this awesome 4K camera.

RED Workflow with Avid Video Tutorial — from Studio Daily.

Scott Simmons Top 10 Avid Tips

VET – A London-base multi-media house, which also does training. This is a link to the Avid page in their Tips section.

Wes Plate’s Avid and After Effects Tips – A bit old but some great ones here, including the mysterious “Relink” command.

2 responses to “Avid”

11 08 2010
Curtis (15:49:14) :

Avid Developer Blog link seems dead:
Not Found: Resource Not Found
The resource you requested does not exist.

requires a log in to Avid account (which I have), but goes no where.

11 08 2010
Norman (16:36:39) :


With the redesign of the site, it appears that Avid has moved the blogs into a section called Inside Out, which can be found at:


Thanks for pointing this out to me.


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