EditFest LA is coming and you can help me out

3 08 2010

This weekend — Friday and Saturday to be precise — a whole boatload of editors are going to meet in Los Angeles, at Universal Studios for a networking/learning/celebratory experience all focused around what we do.

That is, put images together to tell stories.

Some of the panelists this weekend include Ed Abroms, A.C.E. (The Sugarland Express, Blue Thunder), Matt Chessé, A.C.E. (Quantum of Solace, Finding Neverland), Sally Menke, A.C.E. (Ingourious Basterds, Pulp Fiction), Pam Wise, A.C.E. (Transamerica, The Dancemaker), Jerry Greenberg, A.C.E. (“The French Connection,” “Apocalypse Now”), and Carol Littleton, A.C.E. (“E.T: The Extra Terrestrial,” “Body Heat”). For those of you who attend (there is a fee, which is discounted for pretty much anyone who is a member of practically any editorial organization ever created) you’ll get to hear some amazing speakers as well as have lunch, cocktails and pizza — over the two days, not all at once — with some of the top practitioners in the business.  For those of you who come, it’s really a great opportunity and tickets are limited, so I’d hop on over to the American Cinema Editors home page and learn how to sign up.

But that’s only part of the reason why I’m writing today. I am asking you a favor.  I am moderating a panel titled THE LEAN FORWARD MOMENT, in which I’ve asked five amazingly diverse and talented editors to talk about a scene from a film that they did not edit but which inspired them in some way. (For a review of the New York version of this panel, where  Michael Berenbaum, A.C.E (Nurse Jackie!, 2009), Joe Klotz, A.C.E. (Junebug 2005), Andrew Mondshein, A.C.E. (Cold Souls, 2009) , Susan Morse, A.C.E. (Editor of Hannah and Her Sisters, 1986 and Manhattan, 1979) and Andrew Weisblum, A.C.E. (The Wrestler, 2008), just hop on over to the Kirsten Studio blog. It also talks about the other fantastic panels that were at EditFestNY.)

As I said, I’m having five really diverse editors on the panel.  They are:

  1. Zack Arnold (TV, feature and web video editor – “Burn Notice” and “The Bannen Way”)
  2. James Haygood, A.C.E. (feature and TV editor – TRON: LEGACY, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, PANIC ROOM and FIGHT CLUB)
  3. Joe Leonard (TV editor – “Glee”)
  4. Lisa Lassek (TV and Web editor – “Pushing Daisies” and “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”)
  5. Ken Schretzmann (feature editor – TOY STORY 3)

The films that they have chosen are THE CONVERSATION, RAISING ARIZONA, OUT OF SIGHT, MEMENTO and THE GRADUATE. So you can see just how diverse a group this is.

Now, here’s where the favor comes in. During the panel I’m going to be asking for questions for the panelists on Twitter from the audience. But I’d also like to go into the event with some of your questions. So, if there’s some burning questions that you’ve wanted to ask the creative brains behind the editing of features, television and web video, please add them in a comment below. I’ll try and work those questions into the panel on Saturday afternoon.  So even if you’re not there — you’ll be there.

Sort of like INCEPTION, eh?



4 responses to “EditFest LA is coming and you can help me out”

3 08 2010
Zak Ray (18:14:21) :

Do you feel films in general are getting less genre-oriented? That the lines between genres are blurring? If so, how does this factor into the edit?

4 08 2010
Eliot (05:29:05) :

To anyone and everyone on the panel, what do you know now that you wish you knew before you made the leap to your current level? In other words, how did you go from indie to studio features, small-time to network television, etc., and what knowledge that you’ve picked up along the way would have been most helpful to you before you made the jump?

I am really looking forward to editfest LA! See you all there.

4 08 2010
Studio Daily Blog » Edit Fest LA is sold out but get your questions in (13:31:27) :

[…] One way you could participate is to submit a question for the moderator of the last panel on Saturday afternoon. Norman Hollyn (author of the great book The Lean Forward Moment and the legendary Film Editing Room Handbook) is moderating a panel called The Lean Forward Moment. His panelists will include, Zack Arnold (Burn Notice, The Bannen Way), James Haygood, A.C.E. (Tron, Where the Wild Things Are), Joe Leonard (Glee), Lisa Lassek (Pushing Daisies, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Ken Schretzmann (Toy Story 3). Norman has asked for questions to carry into the panel discussion. From Norman’s HOLLYN-wood website: […]

5 08 2010
J. Sperling Reich (00:58:07) :

Here are a few questions for you:

1. Has film editing moving from flatbeds to computers over the last 10 to 15 years helped stylistically or has it been more of an artistic hindrance? Has it homogenized different editing styles?

2. How do you see 3D films impacting the way films are edited both on a technology level and a stylistic level? Is it true that the pacing of films will begin to slow down in 3D films so audiences can immerse themselves in the effect without being disturbed by an edit? What do you think of how 3D is affecting your work?

3. Thanks to editing software such as Final Cut Pro it seems like anyone with a home movie camera and a computer brands themselves as an editor these days. What are the common mistakes you see being made by editors (whether novice or otherwise) who may never have edited on film?

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