Top Film Schools and… uh… film schools

25 06 2010

Shane Rivers, over at Only Good Movies has an article called “Top Film Schools” which, while a little too broad for my taste, is a great little list of film schools across the nation. He has something interesting in it, which also talks about film schools that have acting programs. This is great, because I find that one of the things that most scares incoming students is working with actors.

In point of fact, USC has an entire acting school, which collaborates well with our film school but has one really big problem — pretty much everyone in the school is the same age as the students making our movies. This means that our students need to go outside of the school in order to do stories with anyone over 30 or under 18.  Narrow range, for sure.

However, Shane’s point is very well taken. I think I learned as much about editing as I did about acting, when I sat in on an acting class for a couple of years.



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