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3 02 2009

I don’t know how I’ve missed this series so far, but the web series You Suck At Photoshop is a web based tutorial with an attitude.  Any tutorial that starts off by saying that this is “Basic to Intermediate but, for you, this will be hard” has got my love.  Donnie, who is the tutorial, gives an example of what you could do to a picture of your wife’s old Vanagon if you, for instance, “Had a restraining order that prevents you from getting close enough to do that kind of shit to it [for real].”

Using stand-up comedy, each episode gives you a real tip on how to do something with Photoshop (use the warp and distortion tool, for instance). It’s the perfect way for some people to get taught and, at four or five minutes, not very difficult to watch.

It may not exactly be the Future of the Interwebs, but it certainly isn’t dry and it does point to good ways to distinguish yourself from the other media makers in the crowd.



One response to “Web Video With Attitude”

3 02 2009
Rob (14:10:34) :

Oh my god I love that series. My favorite line is “so strap on your stupid, and let’s, let’s get at it”. hahha, I always thought about doing a “you suck at final cut”. And you do bring up a good point, he actually shows you how to use photoshop, and it’s much more entertaining than the normal training video.

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