Why Kvetching About Small Screens Makes You Look Stupid

3 01 2009

lofaDavid Lynch’s infamous hissy fit about how horrible it is to watch Big Movies on small screens was one of the funny viral videos of 2008. But now three commentators on the New York Times’ Tech Talk podcast start out 2009 with the same dumb comment.

Talking about Slingbox’s new beta software which will let Blackberry users see some of their DVR’ed content streamed to their phones, they make the point that no one wants to watch LAWRENCE OF ARABIA on a two-inch screen.

Well…. Duh. Who does? And who’s making you?

The problem with a comment like that is simple – users will always find their preferred level of experience and content producers/filmmakers will follow.

I doubt I’d want to watch 2001 on a Blackberry or iPhone screen. But I’m happy to watch “Ask A Ninja” or ZiO’s “Designing Minds” that way. That way I can get those experiences at the gym, or waiting in my doctor’s office, or in a room in my house without a TV.

I’ve said it before, now I’ll rephrase it. “It’s all about the screens baby.” There are many different types of content. Why shouldn’t there be many different ways to absorb it?

(As a side note, that means that there should be many different ways to MAKE it.)

What I worry about is these complainers whining about the problem of forcing square pegs into round holes and convincing people to stop making square pegs. What they should be doing instead, is encouraging people to make more square holes.



One response to “Why Kvetching About Small Screens Makes You Look Stupid”

5 01 2009
Luke Holzmann (05:19:07) :

Right on!


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