I’ll Be Up At Macworld

23 12 2008

Im speaking at next months Macworld, up in San Francisco

I'm speaking at next month's Macworld, up in San Francisco

Macworld is the annual get together that is held up in San Francisco. While it’s been rocked by Apple’s announcement two weeks ago that not only would Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, not deliver his customary keynote address at the show and that Apple would pull out as an on-the-floor exhibitor beginning in 2010, it’s still a collection of some really interesting people.

Because Final Cut is a large part of the Mac experience, the publisher of my new book, Peachpit Press, has an exhibit on the floor at which a number of their authors will be giving talks about Final Cut, Photoshop, visual effects and (if I have anything to say about) storytelling. So, for those of you who are planning on attending the show and who would like to hear some people talk about subjects that they are very passionate about, please stop by the Peachpit booth.

I’ll be talking about THE LEAN FORWARD MOMENT — a book about how to shape your storytelling abilities through writing, directing, cinematography, editing, production design, sound and music — on Thursday, January 8th, from 12noon until 12:45.  I’ll also be signing books afterwards. Preceding me will be Mark Christiansen, whose knowledge and expertise with visual effects continually stuns me.  I hope to see you there.


I am also going to take the Macworld opportunity to stop in on my first LAFCPUG Supermeet. For any of you who are interested in filmmaking, in general, and editing in particular, the LA Final Cut Pro Users Group is a great organization with an amazingly deep website, and monthly meetings that attract some of the most interesting and talented FCP users and gurus (such as Larry Jordan, Ken Stone and Phil Hodgetts). Their annual Supermeets are huge affairs, with tons of speakers, raffle prizes, and knowledge.  This year, LAFCPUG head Mike Horton promises the following at this Wednesday night event:

Apple: The latest on Final Cut Studio – JVC: Craig Yanagi of JVC will announce the world’s first acquisition product developed especially for Final Cut post production. Come and be a part of this historic event.

BlackMagic Design presents M. Dot Strange.

Bruce Nazarian: Blu-Ray on the Cheap. How to build a compatible Blu-Ray Disk and burn it on DVD-R media without a Blu-Ray burner.

Christine Steele: FCP Tips and Tricks

Eric Escobar: “Plug-Ins Won’t Save You” A plug-in package alone won’t create the “look” of your movie. A “look” is a combination of preproduction, design, performance, camera work and post wizardry. Eric will show us how to deconstruct a “look” from a TV show or movie, and reconstruct it on-the-cheap.

Yun Suh: Clips from the documentary film “City of Borders” (Show and Tell)

Rounding out the evening will be the always raucous “World Famous Raffle” with over $40,000.00 worth of prizes to be handed out to several lucky winners. 300 “SuperBag” Goodie Bags filled with over $200.00 worth of learning resources will be handed to the first 300 people through the door. Food (snacks) and drinks will be available throughout the evening.

For complete details on the SuperMeet including driving and transit directions and instructions, a current list of raffle prizes and a link to where to buy tickets, visit the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro (lafcpug) web site.



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1 01 2009
Quintessential Studios (21:45:41) :

I’ll be there for the SuperMeet. Can’t wait to read your new book!

4 01 2009
The Editblog » MacWorld San Fran FCP Supermeet days away (16:07:10) :

[…] By now you’ve heard that the 8th Annual Macworld FCPUG SuperMeet is this Wednesday, January 7 at 7PM  at the Robertson Auditorium, Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco. I spoke with Michael Horton yesterday and there’s still tickets available (though they might not be for long since these things usually sell out) so get your tickets here. It looks like there’s a lot of great raffle prizes including a FireStore FS-5 100GB Portable DTE Recorder, a Matrox MXO2 for Mac, a GlideCam4000 Pro and lots of software … plus “300 Eco friendly reusable ‘goodie’ bags stuffed with over $200 worth of stuff will handed out to first 300  paid ticket holders through the door.” I’m most intrigued by this: Craig Yanagi of JVC will announce the world’s first acquisition product developed especially for Final Cut post production. Come and be a part of this historic event. While that will be exciting to see what they have I kind of look at that as a small clue that maybe JVC knows something about the future of Final Cut Pro that us mere mortals do not. That there is a future and the Pro Apps aren’t for sale. I can’t imagine that JVC would develop a product only for FCP if there wasn’t a guaranteed future with the product. And since is says “Apple: The latest on Final Cut Studio” on the event website maybe we will get a taste of that future at the event! (Not bloody likely) Since this is the last MacWorld with Apple’s participation it may be the last MacWorld Supermeet! If you are going to the event and are part of the editing and post Twitter group then please tweet from the event to let us know what is going on. […]

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