Interesting Sound Experiment

26 12 2007

Andy Rector, in his film study blog KINO SLANG, has an interesting piece today which presents two You Tube videos of different female singers. He calls the post The Word. Not very interesting on the surface.

But he’s got instructions below them — “to be played simultaneously at equal volumes.” And when you do that, you get a very interesting new piece, more interesting than either of the two by themselves.

In a funny way, that’s evocative of what I call “The Rule of Threes” — that the impact of a single shot, or scene, is directly effected the shot or sequence that comes before it, and will effect the shot of sequence that comes after it.



One response to “Interesting Sound Experiment”

9 02 2008
Jubarite Semaran (20:23:22) :

The two clips were of the same singer, Abbey Lincoln…I think that was the point. Still, your point is well taken especially considering it is the same singer! Lincoln played her own game of Threes!


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