Editing For You – 2.0

30 08 2007

The Web 2.0 is as loosely defined as can be. But one thing that everyone seems to agree on, is that it uses a cool, slick AJAX type interface, which brings drag and drop to web pages.

Read/Write Web has this posting about eight web sites that use 2.0 interfaces to create video editing applications of sorts. Some of them really seem like remixing sites (download films from YouTube and then mix and match them), rather than real editing, but if we’re going to talk about the democratization of the editing room, we need to take more than a passing nod at these sites.

They include:



Movie Masher


Mojiti (which is actually an annotation tool, not an editor)

Vidavee Graffiti

Muvee Mix

None of these are going to take over from FCP or Avid (or, for that matter, iMovie) but they do speak to an interesting use of the web.

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One response to “Editing For You – 2.0”

31 08 2007
anthony (08:16:23) :

Thanks for the mention. We also have a WordPress video plugin you can take a look at in action on our blog.


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