Be Your Own Television Executive

30 08 2007

While people like Brad Winderburn are creating their own mini-networks over at It’s All In Your Hands, the real revolution in television programming is happening in many of our living rooms.

With services like Tivo, and the other PVRs (Personal Video Recorders) that now come virtually free with cable and satellite services, most of us are creating our own channels. Ken Rutkowski, on his podcast World Tech Roundup (hmmm, that’s the second time I’ve mentioned in recently, I must be enjoying his cast!!) mentioned that he doesn’t even know what channel numbers his favorite programs are on anymore. And while the network logo is now burned ubiquitously in the bottom right of every image, many of us are in the same boat.

We have less and less idea what network something is on (especially those of us who skip over commercials).

Instead, we are creating our own networks which are comprised of just the shows that we like. I rarely have the need to sit in front of the tube (or, in most of our cases now, the LCD screen) and hunt for something. With enough pre-programmed choices, there is normally more programming awaiting me in my queue than I could possibly ever watch. What this means is the real network is my playlist on my Dish Network PVR, much like my real radio station is my playlist on iTunes or Pandora.

The real future of this movement is beginning to happen with social networking sites that allow me to see other people’s playlists that overlap mine. When that happens, and is combined with online video, I will then have a number of channels more attuned to my and my friends’ tastes. If you think Google isn’t thinking of that with YouTube, think again. The future isn’t some faceless conglomerate deciding all of my viewing and listening choices, it’s myself and my friends doing that.

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10 08 2008
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